Projects : Spring Farm Subdivision Stages 1 to 9

  • Client: Kingston Spring Farm Pty Ltd
  • Value: $11 Million
  • Construction Period: January 2017 to February 2020
  • Location: Spring Farm Road Kingston / Area surrounding Whitewater Creek
  • Scope of Works: 320 Lot subdivision including 11 commercial lots and 39 high density residential lots. The project has included the construction of two roundabouts and two bridges plus a large sewer pump station. Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) principles such as retention ponds and filtration rain gardens have been incorporated to reduce impact on the surrounding environment. Originally a working farm this project has now been transformed into a modern residential subdivision designed and built with eco-friendly values for the future.
  • Superintendents Representative: PDA Surveyors – Mark Santalucia
  • Project Manager: Peter Campbell / Steven Chaffey
  • Works Supervisor: Marc Duggan
  • Project Foreman: Rob Latham / Nigel Crane / Mick Horder / Steve Jones