Projects : Howrah Gardens – Stages 1 to 13

  • Client: Archdiocese of Hobart
  • Value: $6 Million
  • Construction Period: March 2018 to March 2020
  • Location: 503 Rokeby Road, Howrah
  • Scope of Works: 134 Lot residential subdivision. The underlying ground was predominantly hard volcanic rock which required all service trenching and some roadwork pavement areas to be drilled and blasted prior to excavation. As the stormwater system was required by council to grade towards the Rokeby side of the site, some of the stormwater trenching depth were in excess of 4m. The site was also subject to strict weed hygiene management procedures due to the presence on a number declared weed species, which restricted to ability to dispose of the excess rock and spoil materials outside of a 3km radius of the site. RCCC elected to crush the excavated rock material on site to produce graded aggregates suitable for re-use on the site, and eliminating the potential for transferring weed materials outside of the declared zone.
  • Superintendents Representative: Hutchings Spurr Consulting Engineers
  • Project Manager: Paul Curry
  • Works Supervisor: Marc Duggan / Shawn Worbey
  • Project Foreman: Mick Horder / Chris Bomford