Management Systems

Client Assessment of Contractor

Please assist us with the assessment of our performance by filling out this survey at the completion of the project. Enter your details below and click the next button. Then select a score of between 1 and 10 and place any comments in the box below. Please complete the survey by reviewing your input and clicking the submit button at the base of the form.

Alternatively click here to download a PDF version of the form, and either fax the completed form to our office on 03 6229 8766 or mail to PO Box 575 KINGSTON TASMANIA 7051.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Assessment Form


Quality of Work

Did the work comply with all specifications and requirements?

Contract Administration

Was documentation produced in an organised and timely manner?

Project Management

Was the project well co-ordinated and controlled with respect to workforce, subcontractors and suppliers?

Time/Project Completion

Was project completed to schedule?


Were all safety requirements complied with?


Were environmental issues and concerns addressed in a satisfactory manner?

Public Relations

Were concerns of the public dealt with efficiently and effectively?

Additional Comments