The range of services offered includes construction and/or design of:

  • Roads and bridges;
  • Car parks, footpaths and cycle-ways;
  • Urban and rural subdivisions;
  • Sewer, stormwater and water infrastructure and
  • Building site civil works.
  • The company employs around 35 personnel and supplements its permanent workforce with additional contract labour as required.

    The company owns a range of earthmoving plant including excavators, backhoes, loaders, rollers, trucks and a grader however flexibility on work sites is at times augmented by the use of contractors who operate a more diverse range of equipment, ensuring the right equipment is used for the task.

    Specialised tasks such as concrete kerbing, asphalting and sealing are undertaken by experienced, reputable contractors under the control of the RCCC Integrated Management System (IMS).

    The Company maintains its integrated management systems, policies and procedures generally in accordance with:

    • Worksafe Health and Safety Act and Regulations 2012;
    • ISO-9001 Quality Management Systems;
    • ISO-14001 Environmental Management Systems;
    • ISO-45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems; and
    • Complies with the construction industry National Code of Practice.