Management Systems

Occupational Rehabilitation Policy

RCCC Civil Contracting management and workers are committed to the occupational rehabilitation of those who have been injured or contracted an illness during the course of their work.

Our goal is to control workplace risk to the health and safety of all workers and eliminate the need for occupational rehabilitation.

In order to achieve this management is responsible to:

  • ensure the rehabilitation process commences as soon as possible to aid recovery and avoid other long term issues;
  • facilitate communication between all parties involved in the process;
  • provide a safe workplace and modified duties for the worker where reasonably practical;
  • promote awareness of the process through providing information, instruction, training, and supervision;
  • ensure participation in the process does not prejudice the worker; and
  • encourage a positive work environment for the worker.

Each worker has an obligation to:

  • take reasonable care of their own health;
  • recognise their duty of care to protect individual health and safety;
  • comply with any reasonable management direction; and
  • report all workplace accidents as soon as possible.

We acknowledge that the successful rehabilitation of affected workers requires the involvement, patience and commitment of everyone in the workplace.

P. R. Curry
RCCC Civil Contractring Pty Ltd